To count yourself as a liberal you have to stand up for liberal principles. (video)

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Being that I’m a theistic person, there’s not too much Bill Maher and I agree on when it comes to religion. Being a libertarian, Bill Maher and I also don’t always agree on politics either, but this video has some wonderfully strong points and arguments that should be heard and thought about. Heads up for some strong/offensive language.

Sorry for the politics, I try to stay away from this stuff cause it doesn’t really fit my blog but somethings I feel are important enough to share.


Ever experienced a mola “fly by?” Our jellies aquarist Wyatt Patry did, and he captured it on video!

Learn more about the crazy-looking ocean sunfish


to anyone having a bad day im so sorry also here are some pictures of baby elephants 






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This is important guys. If you haven’t heard of APOPO and the amazing humanitarian work they do with Gambian pouched rats, please check out their website,

Very recently I contacted APOPO with the idea of a tumblr blog for the organization in order to reach an even broader audience and am now an official volunteer and blogmaster (is that the right word?) of their new tumblr account!

If you love animals and you love heartwarming stories of humans helping humans please consider following herorats!

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Beautiful contrast of hard and soft, light and dark, open and closed in Indonesia.

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The Krubera Cave is the world’s deepest cave. It is 2197 meters deep and will take you approximately an entire month to get to the bottom. Here is a map of this place. 

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Winter Temporary Fandom Combat 2014

Noonsa (c) Slayers

Tutorial on Russian -  for personal use only

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Нунса, ЗФБ-14, Рубаки-фандом :) Очень уж его сокомандник хотел %) МК по ссылке выше.